• Stratford Medical Centre

  • More services

  • Expanded programing

  • Connected health care

  • One great location

  • Better patient care

We have moved. January, 2017!

The Stratford Family Health Team has moved to the new and improved Stratford Medical Centre to better serve our patients and facilitate your health care needs. Our new location, which is located on the second floor at 444 Douro Street, provides the SFHT the opportunity to expand our services and programs and bring all of the Family Health Team care givers into one space.

How we are making your health care better

SFHT services:

  1. Chronic Pain Management, Stress Management and support groups
  2. Smoking Cessation and treatment programs
  3. Services for new parents including lactation consultations and wellness programs

SFHT programing:

  1. After Hours Clinic for more timely care
  2. 12 SFHT Family Doctors operating at the Stratford Medical Centre
  3. Over 15 SFHT Health Care Providers operating at the Stratford Medical Centre

More connected health care:

  1. Coordinating your care across your medical providers
  2. Referrals can now be made within the Stratford Medical Centre
  3. Self-referral for SFHT services now available

Complimentary Care at the
Stratford Medical Centre:

  1. After Hours Clinic
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Blood Lab
  4. X-Ray Imaging
  5. Physiotherapy
  6. Audiology
  7. Diagnostic Testing

Stratford Medical Centre FAQs

Q. Will my family doctors be moving from their office to the Stratford Medical Centre?
A. All of the SFHT family doctors will be moving except for our Milverton doctors, Hodes and Anderson, and our Huron office doctors, Wilkinson and Weir.

Q. Does making an appointment at the SFHT change after the move?
A. All appointments with the SFHT can be made by calling 519-273-7017. To make an appointment with your family doctor, please call their offices directly.

Q. Does public transit stop near the new Stratford Medical Centre?
A. The #2 East End city bus stops just down the street from the Stratford Medical Centre near the intersection of Douro and Burritt, Monday to Friday, 6am to 9:30pm and Saturdays, from 6am to 7:30pm. For more information on the bus transit schedule click here.

Q. Is there a fee for parking?
A. There is a $3 fee to park at the new Stratford Medical Centre which is valid for the entire day.  Parking vouchers can be paid at vending machines in the Centre or at the Centre parking entrance. Several of the first floor health care providers are offering free parking to patients who use their eligible services.

Q. What if I need to drop someone off? Will I still be charged for parking?
A. Anyone parking under 15 minutes will be exempt from the parking fee.

Q. Where will the new SFHT offices be located in the Stratford Medical Centre?
A. Our offices will occupy the entire second floor. To access our offices, cross to the far side of the lobby and proceed up the stairs or take the elevator.

Q. Will the SFHT contact information (phone, fax or e-mails) be changing?
A. No, all contact information for the SFHT will remain the same.