Who We Are & What We Do

We are a Family Health Team that is based in Stratford, Ontario, with an additional clinic in Milverton, Ontario. We provide primary health care and services to approximately 25,000 patients in Huron & Perth County. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, clinical staff, allied health providers, and administrative staff work together to deliver quality primary health care to our patients.

A Family Health Team is a primary health organization that consists of family physicians, administrative support staff, and various health care professionals that work together to coordinate and deliver primary health care. Family Health Teams improve access to primary health care in the communities they serve.

Our History

Family Health Teams were created in 2005 to expand access to comprehensive primary health care services across Ontario. Our physician group saw the value in participating in this expansion to increase the number of services available to our patients. After a year of collaborative meetings and strategic planning, the Ministry of Health announced that we were successful in our application. The next several years, we were committed to attracting allied health providers that are experts in their fields and committed to the health and well being of our patients. This included nurse practitioners, registered nurses, dietitians, mental health providers, psychologists, occupational therapists, and more.

Initially, our team of physicians practiced in various locations throughout Stratford and Milverton. In 2017, the Family Health Team along with 14 physicians moved to the current Douro Street location in Stratford and 3 physicians remained in Milverton. Over the years we have strived to improve our systems, our services, and our partnerships in the community. To that end we continue to pilot new technologies, increase the number of programs we offer and strengthen our relationships with local organizations.

We are committed to this continuous improvement to serve our patients.

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